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Metaburst March 5th

The metaverse is a great place to spread brand and IP awareness because it is endlessly flexible. Just look at the stories this week: More LEGO game formats on Fortnite, the movie “Jaws” bites into Roblox, and learn CPR in the metaverse!

More LEGO Fortnite

The launch of LEGO Fortnite survival mode has been a massive hit! Adding to the fun, two new creative islands dropped on the platform: LEGO Obby Fun and LEGO Raft Survival. In an attempt to offer more family friendly fare, Fortnite is building more games of all types. In this case, obstacle courses typically found on Roblox are very popular with younger audiences. As an added bonus, these games can be played with up to four people. This addition of two new islands shows that there’s no limit to what can be built with UEFN creative tools!

Jaws on Roblox

The 1975 blockbuster classic “Jaws” now has a game experience on Roblox called “Jaws: Infested Waters.” It’s currently in beta with plans to fully launch later this month. You can revisit the thrilling tale by playing as the shark or a terrified swimmer. This survival game encourages teamwork among the swimmers to complete missions and of course, kill the shark. With an exciting premise like this, they’ll have boatloads of players clamoring to try…It looks like they’re gonna need a bigger beta!

Learn CPR Virtually

You never know when you may need to save a life, which is why the American Heart Association created an activity to teach players Adult Hands-Only CPR in Roblox! When gamers play the popular co-op Obby “Carry Your Friends,” they can also learn this crucial technique. They can learn the two most important steps: calling 911 and pressing hard and fast in the center of the chest. Players who revive their friend can win a free UGC item. Head on over to teach yourself and potentially help others!

It’s been another interesting week in the metaverse, with stories displaying the expansive nature of the virtual world. From Fortnite’s continued experimentation with different game formats, to classic movies like Jaws bringing their world to Roblox. It’s not only entertaining but educational, where kids can learn CPR in-game! Check back in next week for more stories like this!


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