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Welcome to Metaburst, where we dive into how the biggest companies are embracing the metaverse! This week, we've got some music and fashion news: The Voice is joining The Sandbox, Billie Eilish is dropping new music on Fortnite, and PacSun is expanding its presence on Roblox. Read on for more details:


The hit reality show The Voice, where aspiring singers compete to impress celebrity coaches, is taking a leap into the metaverse with a brand new game on The Sandbox platform called “Coach Battle.” If you're a fan, you'll know that The Voice already has a presence on Roblox, HiberWorld, and Decentraland. It looks like ITV Studios, the company that owns the property’s, strategy is to be in as many online worlds as possible. That’s what Super League would suggest - put yourself where the players are. Will you turn your chair for this one?


Speaking of music, Billie Eilish is dropping her next album “Hit Me Hard and Soft” on May 17th. Luckily for us, she’s releasing her first single “Chihiro” inside Fortnite! Now that there’s Fortnite Festival mode, there’s another way for artists to promote their new music. At first, they had to do large scale in-game concerts like Eminem’s Big Bang event, but now they can do smaller jam track releases with Fortnite Festival. Players can interact with music in Main Stage mode, reminiscent of Rock Band or Guitar Hero… and Jam Stage mode, for when you just want to mess around with songs in your library and not worry about getting scored. Fortnite has even included Billie Eilish skins and skin variants!


Clothing company, PacSun, is building upon its Roblox success. They’re expanding their existing game and paying for advertising on the platform! “PacSun LA Tycoon” launched in February of last year and has an average of 60,000 monthly active users. The company has sustained engagement with regular updates and plans to broaden the game for their summer campaign. We’ll be curious to track how the numbers grow in a few months!

This week has been a good example for how music and artists can engage with the metaverse. From The Voice making experiences on The Sandbox and similar platforms, to Billie Eilish releasing music on Fortnite. Meanwhile, PacSun shows how a fashion brand can participate both with a tycoon game and more traditional ads on Roblox. Come back next week to hear more news from the metaverse!


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