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Metaburst May 7th

Updated: 3 days ago

This week’s edition of Metaburst saw big announcements that took the metaverse to the stratosphere. From LEGO: Star Wars’ success on Fortnite, to Netflix collaborations with Roblox, and finally, Toca Boca joining the metaverse! Read on for more details:


The Fourth was with us last weekend but the Star Wars goodness won’t end there! Fortnite’s LEGO: Star Wars experience will continue through July 23rd. That’s far, far away. Help build a Rebel base and fight against the Galactic Empire! As you progress, you can get Lightsabers, Thermal Detonators and Bowcasters. There are also free and premium rewards players can get through the LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure, all inspired by Tatooine. I have a good feeling about this!


Netflix teased an upcoming collaboration with Roblox featuring two of their biggest shows: Stranger Things and One Piece! With One Piece’s successful first season and Stranger Things’ final season coming out later this year, this is the perfect opportunity for fans to engage in-game. The teaser trailer only includes a few shots from both experiences so we’ll have to wait for more details. While the companies did not share when these will be released, we know that there will be a Demogorgon! On a scale from 1 to 10, this is going to be an 11!


Move over Roblox, a new multiplayer platform is coming to town! Swedish game studio, Toca Boca, released plans to make a metaverse to rival Roblox. Capitalizing on their popular mobile app-based games, Toca Boca World and Toca Boca Jr. the company decided to make their properties 3D. The upcoming Toca Boca Days offers a new place for old fans and new players to interact. The game launches in Australia and New Zealand first, but stay tuned for a release in the US!

The 3D internet is ever-changing, with established platforms finding ways to continue to grow and new platforms entering the space. We saw examples of this spectrum from LEGO and Star Wars appearing on Fortnite, Netflix taking their shows to Roblox and lastly, Toca Boca stepping into the arena. Come back next week to hear more stories from the metaverse!


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