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Polly Pocket Adventures in Livetopia


Super League Gaming partnered up with Polly Pocket to deliver roleplay experience to new and existing fans of the Polly Pocket product line in Roblox. This led to an increase in product awareness and interest in the Polly Pocket brand.


  • Activation Hub

    • Flamingo Stage & Custom-Built Non-Player Characters

  • 3 NPCs (Non-Playing Characters)

    • Each with Dialog Trees in Livetopia, as well as run as Interactive Ad Units across SuperBiz network

  • 3 Custom-Built Interactive Polly Pocket Compacts


  • 53.9 MM Total Impressions

  • Average Time Spent: 171 Sec. (+14% higher than average)

  • 46% of exposed players were more likely to be aware of Polly Pocket due to Livetopia Integration


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