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Scream’s “Among Us” Promotional Video

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Paramount Pictures sought help from Super League to promote their remake of the hit movie Scream using top tier streaming talent. Utilizing our multi-talented live and video production team, Super Studios decided to produce a livestream featuring the movie’s cast members competing in matches of the wildly popular (and deadly!) game Among Us. When COVID-19 prevented us from creating a live event, Super Studios pivoted and produced a seamless and entertaining video using remote production technology, which served as both a promotional tool for Paramount Pictures and an engaging piece of content for viewers.

Our original plan was to produce a live broadcast on site at the Four Season Beverly Hills, where our movie talent were already planning to be present as part of one of Scream’s press junkets. We designed a floor plan that effectively arranged the participating talent with their own gaming station, a live control operating station for our directors, and cloud connection with remote influencers to participate with those on the ground. Cast members getting sick prevented us from pulling off a live event in a shared filming space. Super Studios came up with a quick solution and provided all talent with high-end remote filming kits that enabled them to be a part of our video production from the comfort of their own home with high quality video and audio output. Additionally, each remote caller was equipped with remote internet packs to ensure a seamless filming experience for the talent and crew involved. With all talent and crew connected via the cloud, Super Studios successfully captured an exciting gaming experience amongst film talent and popular influencers.

The video garnered lots of attention on YouTube, with a ton of engagement from fans. Users made comments such as “This was way too much fun” and “Genius marketing” represent the enthusiasm and excitement viewers felt watching the video. One stand out quote includes: “Once again, the Scream promotional team has been killing it! They've been all over social media with actually fun and unconventional promotional content, and actually seem to have a finger on the pulse of what younger audiences watch/want.”

Super Studios definitely had a strong grasp of the demographic and understood how to appeal to the gaming community while still promoting a feature film. Comments on YT like “I didn’t even know there was a new Scream until my fav streamer ChilledChaos tweeted about it” and “Such an awesome group of Among Us players!” show we knew which popular streamers to include to help make the most entertaining experience.


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