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SLG Studios Releases Series of Social Videos for Business Sim Game, Venture Valley

Super League Studios just completed an exciting series of social videos to promote the game Venture Valley, a multi-player business building sim. The games publisher, Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, developed Venture Valley as a fun and educational game for all ages. The production team at Super League Studios used that mission to inform these three videos.

Each video highlights a different aspect of the game in a fun, playful way. A really exciting aspect of Venture Valley is how you can manage your employees. There are so many factors that can affect their job performance—and your business! This video takes a moment to celebrate these employees:

The next video is a fake tourism ad for an in-game location. It almost makes you wish you could visit the beachside oasis for real! At least, you can experience Palms by playing the game for free on PC or mobile:

This last video is a spoof on stock market shows like “Mad Money.” It was a pleasure working with an actor to achieve this hilarious performance. It also highlights the range of concepts we can produce for the same product:

Super League Studios has produced countless social videos for video games along with Venture Valley, like Marvel Snap, Minehut and Roblox. The creative team is passionate about spreading awareness for great games and finding inventive ways to share it to potential players.

Super Studios excels at creating engaging content, especially in gaming, for today's digital audience across all platforms. Using cutting-edge tech, we deliver high-quality live streams, commercials, and social media assets for top brands.


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