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Super League brings HIVEMIND, the innovative and interactive Twitch gameshow, to life

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Super League powered Season 2 of HIVEMIND, bringing the most innovative, interactive, and exciting broadcasts to viewers worldwide. HIVEMIND featured Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL as hosts and dozens of contestants and guests across the season. The production featured an entirely remotely produced livestream, including cast and crew. It featured 5 unique streams, for both the hosts and talent to have unique perspectives for their own audience - giving them time to discuss and strategize with their community. It also featured pre-and-post show support for both hosts and guests to flow seamlessly into the show while broadcasting before and after the broadcast to maximite viewership.

Youtube VOD Season 2 Finale:

The format of the show rewarded contestants for interacting with their chat and using their suggestions and answers to questions to score points. The higher the suggestion ranked, the more points the streamer would earn. The second round broke the streamers into teams. The third inverted the points of the answers, where finding the least popular answer on the board yielded the largest payout. After 3 rounds, the top two point earners went on to the finals, where they would compete head-to-head to become the episode champion.

Talent included xQc, Amouranth, Ovilee, Sweet_Anita, Esfand, PaymoneyWubby, jschlatt, CodeMiko, Ironmouse, Susu_jpg, Foolish__Gamers, Emiru, Hannahxxrose, and Tyler1.


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