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Super League Enhances Creative Process and Expands New Business Opportunities With AI Technologies

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League (Nasdaq: SLGG), a leading publisher of immersive experiences across the world’s largest metaverse gaming platforms, announces the integration of generative AI technologies into the company’s creative process. By leveraging tools such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly, Eleven Labs, and ChatGPT, Super League has already experienced significant improvements in content development, color inspiration, image adjustments, audio generation, and script refinement. Not only does this addition serve to revolutionize the company’s already robust content visualization and production solutions capabilities, it increases internal efficiencies and opportunities for continued, sustained new business and revenue growth.

To ensure delivery of high-level, premium experiences, Super League extensively utilizes generative AI imagery tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion during the initial pitch process to effectively visualize the content envisioned for potential and existing partners. This approach enables the team to present a compelling, viable representation of a final product – all before employing a storyboard artist or other designers. Even more, these AI image tools provide a vast array of inspiration for colors and art styles when conceptualizing video sets and immersive environments.

To further refine the generated images, Super League also incorporates Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill into this ‘previsualization’ stage. This allows for micro adjustments to the images generated by Midjourney or similar platforms, aligning the visual output more closely with the original creative vision. Combining leading-edge tools with tech-savvy production processes significantly expedites the completion of artwork, particularly when removing or adding elements under tight deadlines.

“AI is a remarkable tool to be embraced and mastered in the process of augmenting and delivering exceptional creative work. That said, skilled talent is and remains foundational to the combination of all available resources when responding to client feedback and creating an excellent finished product,” said Brian Gramo, Senior Vice President of Creative for Super League.

“We are proud to say Super League remains on the cutting edge of technological innovation across multiple forms of content creation, especially within pop culture and gaming,” said Matt Edelman, President and Chief Commercial Officer for Super League. “Our team is exceptional at solving creative challenges with transformational tools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we pioneered a groundbreaking remote production platform that continues to serve as a critical instrument in our software suite, bridging the gap between physical and digital production environments. Embracing the same entrepreneurial spirit, Super League is now leveraging the power of AI breakthroughs to deliver the absolute best in modern content production capabilities.”

For audio, the company relies on AI audio software such as Eleven Labs to streamline the voice-over production process. In some instances, the software fully generates the voice-over required for a piece of content, while, in other cases, it is utilized to redo lines of dialogue or address last-minute changes when the original talent is unavailable. This integration enables Super League to maintain flexibility and responsiveness during the production phase, and keeps the entire process moving forward with limited interruptions.

In addition to visual and audio applications, Super League incorporates ChatGPT to provide multiple perspectives and opinions on video scripts and other written work.

Super League currently produces a range of content assisted by generative AI across various types and topics, including graphic design, animations, and video seen in trivia series, pitch materials, social media content, gameplay tutorials, and more.

ABOUT SUPER LEAGUE Super League (Nasdaq: SLGG) is a leading strategically-integrated publisher and creator of games and experiences across the world’s largest immersive digital platforms. From metaverse gaming powerhouses such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, to the most popular Web3 environments such as Sandbox and Decentraland, to bespoke worlds built using the most advanced 3D creation tools, Super League’s innovative solutions provide incomparable access to massive audiences who gather in immersive digital spaces to socialize, play, explore, collaborate, shop, learn and create. As a true end-to-end activation partner for dozens of global brands, Super League offers a complete range of development, distribution, monetization and optimization capabilities designed to engage users through dynamic, energized programs. As an originator of new experiences fueled by a network of top developers, a comprehensive set of proprietary creator tools and a future-forward team of creative professionals, Super League accelerates IP and audience success within the fastest growing sector of the media industry. For more, go to

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Source: Super League Gaming

Released June 21, 2023


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