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Teeing Up Success: How Livestreaming and Virtual Golf are a Hole-in-One Partnership

Super League Gaming and WGT by Topgolf have joined forces to take virtual golf gaming to the next level. This partnership has created a social gaming experience, where the best WGT Golf players from around the world compete for prizes in real-time monthly tournaments that are broadcasted to viewers globally using our live streaming services, with professional remote hosts and crew. Major brand partners, Lexus and USGA, offer an opportunity to provide wider brand exposure through the USGA eSports Grand Slam Presented by Lexus, a series of competitive events run throughout the year. This partnership has set the standard for future collaborations in the remote broadcast and gaming industry.

In the world of gaming, the experience and community interaction is just as important as the game itself. Over the last three years, this partnership has proven to be a huge success, as it has brought WGT to a whole new level of engagement and interaction. This virtual golf game now provides an increasingly social experience where players can compete against each other in real-time from around the world in monthly tournaments.

Our live streaming component allows for seamless streaming of gameplay from some of the best virtual golfers in front of an international audience, adding a layer of excitement and entertainment as players battle for prestige and prizes. During WGT broadcasts, our professional remote hosts facilitate on-air commentary from top players to get their perspective on the tournament’s top moments and outcomes. With such a wide array of international personalities, these interviews often provide some of the broadcast’s most fun and hilarious sound bites. Once a winner is determined, we’ll also bring on the champion for an on-camera interview with the hosts.

The partnership between Super League Gaming and WGT has been a shining example of successful collaboration and innovation in the remote broadcast and gaming industry. We are proud of the unique and engaging experience it has and continues to provide sports gamers, as well as the foundational groundwork we have laid for future partnerships.


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