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Timberland Pro Build Competition

Updated: May 31, 2023


Super League was tasked to create a Build Competition for Timberland. SLG built a portal in the Minehut Lobby to a Timberland themed/branded area where players got to build their dream.


  • Lobby Portal with Billboard and NPC to Build Comp

  • Displays

  • Private Server for Build Comp

  • Billboards and NPC placements within the private server

  • Post Comp Lobby Billboards

Off Platform

  • 3 Total Influencers

  • SLG Socials

  • Email Blast


  • 6,770,171 Total Impressions

  • 6,485 unique players on server

Off Platform

  • 2,495,109 Total Impressions

  • 231,911 Views from Influencers


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