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Apex Ambitions: Hyundai's Esports Triumph

In an unprecedented convergence of gaming prowess, three industry titans - Super League Gaming, Hyundai, and APEX Legends - orchestrated a trilogy of esports spectacles known as the Super League Arena. This groundbreaking all-pro tournament not only redefined Super League Gaming's trajectory but also enraptured audiences with its high-stakes clashes and enthralling narratives. With juggernaut teams like Team Liquid and Cloud 9 in the fray, the Arena mesmerized legions of viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the thrilling contests. Hyundai's enthusiastic sponsorship served as a testament to the triumph of this exhilarating event, signaling a promising future for gaming's grand extravaganzas!

In the wake of three exhilarating months, Super League Arena, a groundbreaking collaboration among three prominent companies, concluded its triumphant trilogy of livestreamed events sponsored by Hyundai. Seamlessly merging the prowess of Super League Gaming with the allure of APEX Legends, this tournament etched itself into esports history as a beacon of thrilling competition and strategic excellence.

Super League Gaming, renowned for orchestrating amateur and semi-pro tournaments, ventured into uncharted territory with Super League Arena, a groundbreaking all-pro competition. Under the patronage of Hyundai, the tournament showcased the gaming industry's elite, captivating audiences with intense matches and riveting narratives.

Andy Babb, Chief Gaming Officer at Super League Gaming, echoed palpable excitement, underscoring the significance of hosting such a colossal event. “Our collaboration with Hyundai brought together the world's premier esports teams,” he affirmed. “This tournament not only celebrates the gaming community at large but also creates unparalleled opportunities for global gameplay content.”

Super League Arena, conceived to spotlight the journeys of its participants, delivered an unprecedented level of storytelling and broadcast quality. Evolving from its roots a year prior, the tournament initially catered to semi-pros before attracting the attention of professional teams, prompting an expansion into the realm of pro gaming. Hyundai's sponsorship further underscored the event's prestige, solidifying its stature as a platform for exceptional storytelling and exhilarating competition.

Dominic Kallas, VP of Esports for TSM, expressed anticipation for the tournament and the involvement of their team, stating, “The Super League Arena tournament will be another great event for us. Our guys have been working hard, and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to add to their wins.”

The tournament boasted an impressive lineup of teams, featuring industry giants like Team Liquid, Spacestation Gaming, Cloud 9, 100 Thieves, and NRG. Ultimately, ESA emerged triumphant, claiming the grand prize with an outstanding 74 points.

The Super League Arena captured the hearts of tens of thousands of viewers, drawing widespread acclaim and affirming Hyundai's pride in sponsoring an event that electrified APEX Legends enthusiasts worldwide.

For future videogame companies and brands seeking to leverage the power of livestreams, Super League Gaming stands as a paragon of success. With a track record of delivering captivating broadcasts alongside esteemed brands like Hyundai, Super League promises an unparalleled platform to showcase thrilling gameplay, engage audiences, and forge lasting partnerships that resonate with gaming enthusiasts globally. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Super League Gaming remains a trailblazer, offering a blueprint for unparalleled success in the realm of esports and livestreamed events.


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