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Hamilton Simulator

Broadway has arrived…on Roblox! We are so excited to announce the launch of Hamilton Simulator through our partnership with the owners of Hamilton.

A special thank you to Lin Manuel Miranda and Jeffrey Seller for allowing us to work so closely with the Hamilton team to ensure the set designs, music, and characters from the show could be represented authentically within an entirely new content platform.

The game features 8 zones - a period accurate tavern, George Washington’s Office, town squares, a romantic ballroom, and the Battle of Yorktown! Instrumental versions of multiple songs from the musical are part of each level, including, “Guns and Ships,” “You’ll Be Back,” and more.

So many amazing people contributed to bringing this to life. Shout outs to Maggie Brohn and Zankhit Chawda, as well as Andy Babb, Michael Quiroz, and Chari LeMasters at Super League.

From Matt Edelman, President of Super League: “A once-in-a-generation cultural touchstone, Hamilton has expanded horizons and entertained legions of global fans. It’s such an honor to be trusted to bring such powerful IP to the world’s most powerful immersive platform.”

Have any world-class IP that belongs in front of 66mm Daily Active Users??? You can trust us too!


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