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Tournament Broadcasts - Influencer Activations

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Super League will produce a professional 2-hour gaming tournament broadcast with your brand front and center as the presenting sponsor. This broadcast will be streamed by your social channels and optionally on Super League’s various platforms. In addition, we will find the right influencer personalities to join the event, provide color commentary along with Super League’s broadcast team and share it to their live feeds. This combination will help drive maximum reach for your sponsored Tournament event.

For gaming brands, we will make sure that the streamer is one whose audience will resonate with your title. ​For non-gaming brands, we’ll make sure to help select an appropriate game that has a strong crossover with your campaign’s target audience and brand guidelines.

Personalities within the streaming space can be invited to compete for glory and a piece of a prize pool, while being encouraged to stream to their channels further adding to the event’s viewership potential. ​


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