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Wild ‘N Out’s Livestreams

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Super League Gaming has a great understanding of metaverse experiences and creating ways to engage with a large demographic of metaverse users. To celebrate the 300th episode of MTV’s Wild ’N Out, Super Studios created a three-episode livestream series that took place in a curated Wild ‘N Out metaverse. Using recently popular game titles with a long-lasting television program, Super League was successful in taking a well known IP and entertaining life-long viewers while also creating fandom among 18-24 gamers.

The video production team of Super Studios created a successful series that took place in this Wild ‘N Out metaverse. The virtual space itself was an exact copy of the physical studio used for the television series, creating a level of authenticity for the brand. Our creative team and game developers created exciting themed minigames and custom builds based off of the Wild ‘N Out TV show and games featured in the livestreams.

Elements were captured from locations across the country with minimal latency utilizing our cloud studio. We brought in a live feed from MTV’s NYC studios featuring show hosts Nick Cannon and Justina Valentine, who participated both as in person hosts and as avatars playing in the Wild ‘N Out virtual world. The hosts were also joined by remote guest influencers with top of the line remote filming setups and added an extra level of entertainment value to the livestreams.

Episodes were livestreamed and simulcasted on YouTube in 16x9 and TikTok in 9x16. We successfully were able to format the video streams so that all of the action was captured perfectly whether you were watching on a desktop or your phone. The livestreams resulted in 37.2 MM people interacting with the activation across YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Minehut, and Instagram. There were 2.8MM in total livestream views, 2.33% Engagement rate in the W’NO game, and 7,026 minutes (over 292 days!) spent in the metaverse server.


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