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Metaburst April 2nd

Updated: Apr 9

The metaverse keeps taking us to new heights and this week is no different. From Eminem’s Fortnite album topping charts to Skechers’ first Roblox store and finally, to the Absolut Coachella experience! Read on for more details:

Eminem’s Fortnite Album Charts

Eminem’s new vinyl “Fortnite Radio” is a hit! That’s right, Eminem’s Fortnite collab that started in December is still reaping rewards. They dropped a capsule collection of merch including hoodies, shirts, and the limited edition vinyl. Sales did so well, the album ended up on Billboard’s Top Vinyl and Top Album sales charts! With success like this, more artists may be tempted to collaborate with Fortnite on exclusive vinyl.

Skechers in Roblox - Livetopia

Livetopia is one of the most popular games in Roblox and Skechers just opened the first branded store there! Visit the shoe house, powered by Super League, in “Topia Mall” to join a scavenger hunt with exclusive prizes. Skechers enables people to express themselves in Roblox and IRL. Check out the gumball machine and you may be able to find a discount code for a real life pair of Skechers!

Coachella x Absolut in the Metaverse

With Coachella around the corner, official sponsor Absolut Vodka is bringing back “Absolut.Land” to celebrate! Previously hosted on DeCentraland, the activation has moved to a new platform, Spatial, making it accessible by smartphone and VR headset. Spatial is a browser-based platform that allows you to play console-quality games without having to download an app. On top of visiting the Absolut.Land, you can also view a new content series “Mixing it Up: Cosmos & Culture” inside!

Those are the top stories on this week’s Metaburst! Another versatile display of successes from Eminem’s Fortnite album charting on Billboard, to Skechers opening a store inside Roblox. Who says real world events can’t have virtual applications? The Absolut Coachella activation is a great example of synergy between the two. Come back next week for more stories around the metaverse!


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