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Metaburst December 19th

Ahead of the holidays, it’s been a very musical week in the metaverse! The beat goes on with Cher making an appearance in Roblox! And Universal Music Group launched a new rhythm-game called Beat Galaxy. Another big story this week has Netflix expanding its gaming library! Read on for more details:

Cher Believes In Roblox

It may be hard to “believe” but Cher is making her metaverse debut in Roblox! Are you “strong enough” to listen to her new Christmas hits in the experience Harmony Hills? Harmony Hills has proven to be a great launching pad for artists, with previous concerts held by Saweetie and Bebe Rexha. No need to turn back time, simply visit the world for the chance to win exclusive merch based on Cher’s iconic looks!

New Musical Game “Beat Galaxy”

The jams don’t stop there, another music based experience launched on Roblox called “Beat Galaxy”! Built off of Universal Music Group’s vast library, Beat Galaxy will be a fun way for players to discover new tunes while dashing to rhythm based games. Players will be able to interact with each other and share their favorite music. This will be another great venue for future artist takeovers!

Netflix Growing Its Games

The metaverse may be growing with Netflix adding 86 new games to its platform. The streaming giant has been exploring the gaming space the last two years and clearly feels confident in expanding. They are also testing their games’ accessibility on television and PC, not just on mobile. With titles like Hades, Cozy Grove and Sonic Mania, could this be a new arena for brands and IP owners to play in the metaverse? We’ll see as time goes on if Netflix can compare to the likes of Roblox and Fortnite.

That’s the news out of the metaverse this week! It’s certainly encouraging to see big name talent like Cher putting their faith in these immersive platforms. More and more musicians are seeing how they can amplify their art to virtual audiences. It will be interesting to see how Beat Galaxy broadens those opportunities. On a more global level, Netflix growing its gaming efforts offers great potential for the metaverse as a whole. We’ll be taking the week off next week for the holiday but be sure to come back in the new year to see what the metaverse has in store!

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