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Metaburst December 4th

This week we have some electrifying stories about the latest developments in the metaverse.

Eminem performs to millions in Fortnite, YouTube offers premium members some Playables, and NBA drops a new game in Roblox! Let’s dive in to the top stories:

Eminem Breaks Records in Fortnite

In celebration of Fortnite’s new chapter, their live “The Big Bang Event” had Eminem's virtual avatar spit fire as he performed his monster hit "Godzilla." The game’s servers were overloaded with so many players that 2.5 million moved to Twitch to watch the concert! It was an exciting moment for Fortnite and a glimpse into the future of the game. Players can look forward to LEGO, racing rockets, and musical minigames!

YouTube Gets Into Gaming

YouTube is giving premium subscribers access to a collection of 37 arcade games! Called “Playables”, users will be able to dive into games like Angry Birds Showdown or Daily Crossword without downloads or installs. They’re testing out this feature until March 2024 and time will tell if they make it permanent. Similar platforms attempted cloud based gaming like Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s free game division to diminishing returns, but perhaps it will work better with Youtube’s consumer base.

NBA Dropping A New Game on Roblox

NBA has partnered with Saber Interactive to bring arcade style basketball game NBA Playgrounds to Roblox! Players can take to the court for some 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 action. A tipoff for those looking to get into the game, expect to earn item boosts, new avatars, and don NBA-licensed gear from all 30 teams.

Those are the exciting developments out of the metaverse this week. We’re noticing a trend with Fortnite expanding its platform and the ways players can interact with it. Truly becoming a formidable rival to the likes of Roblox and Minecraft. With Youtube’s new foray into gaming, it’s possible we could see a new competitor in the ring. And Roblox, as always, stays in the game with its new branded experiences with the NBA. Check back in next week for more news out of the metaverse!


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