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Metaburst Episode 26 - November 1st, 2023

The metaverse is constantly pushing immersive experiences into the future and this week’s stories are no different. With Overwatch embracing music integrations, hospitality brands building in Fortnite, and monster trucks updating in Roblox, these brands keep blazing trails. Let’s get into it:

K-pop Joins the Overwatch Stage

Overwatch 2 is taking a page out of Fortnite’s book by having its first ever musical crossover. Burgeoning K-pop group, Le Sserafim, announced their arrival to the shooter along with the release of their new single “Perfect Night.” The developers are introducing a new game mode built around Le Sserafim filled with new cosmetic items. A great example of synergy, the group will be performing live in-person at Blizzcon this weekend.

Marriott Bonvoy Brings Hospitality to Fortnite

Speaking of Fortnite, the game just got a new experience called Marriott Bonvoy Land. Marriott Bonvoy wants to encourage travel by starting in the virtual world! The hotel chain made a park with four hotel-themed minigames to celebrate the real-world destinations they operate. This is the first time a hospitality company has built something in the space so it will be exciting to see how players interact with it in the coming weeks.

Monster Trucks Rev Up Roblox

For Roblox fans who couldn’t get enough of Car Dealership Tycoon last year, a new Monster Jam integration just dropped! With a whole new ramp, updated Monster Jam stadium, and three new monster trucks, players can put their pedals to the metal. Collaborations between brands like Monster Jam, Gamefam, and Spin Master are key to revitalizing existing games within Roblox.

This week we saw two companies breaking new frontiers from Overwatch doing its first music crossover to Marriott Bonvoy stepping into Fortnite. In the last story, Monster Jam revitalized an existing frontier. These stories provide inspiration for brands and IP owners to think about what they can do in the metaverse and how they can break new ground. Check back in next week for more developing stories.


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