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Metaburst February 21st

Updated: Mar 4

It’s been another expansive week in the metaverse! From Universal Studios joining Minecraft, Apple Vision Pro adding spatial games, and AI strengthening cybersecurity. Let’s dive in:

Blockbuster Titles Have Entered The Block World

Gamers everywhere can book their virtual vacations to Universal Studios in Minecraft, an experience drawing inspiration from both the Hollywood & Orlando parks. In their new DLC pack “Universal Studios Experience” the parks were faithfully restored in the game, along with extras like minigames. Players can take a ride on attractions like The ET Adventure, The Mummy, Skull Island: Reign Of Kong, Jurassic World: The Ride, along with beloved former attractions Back To the Future: The Ride and Jaws.

Apple Vision Is More Than A Productivity Tool

You can now maintain your chess ranking during daily walks. Apple Arcade has opened up an extraordinary catalog of games for players to enjoy on Apple Vision Pro. Players will be able to interact with the games in their physical environment through augmented reality. Spatial games available now on Apple Arcade include Game Room, WHAT THE GOLF?, Cut the Rope 3, Jetpack Joyride 2, Patterned, Illustrated, Wylde Flowers, stitch., Synth Riders, LEGO Builder’s Journey, and Super Fruit Ninja.

Cyberhackers Beware of AI in New Crowdstrike Commercial

During the Super Bowl, which is known for their flagship ads, there were several commercials that employed AI - from visual effects to actual products. Cybersecurity Company Crowdstrike wowed the world with their commercial, putting a “face” to notorious cyberhackers across the globe. The ad showcased how Crowdstrike handles security breaches through the use of AI animation with a wild west twist.

As usual, the metaverse keeps growing with theme parks like Universal Studios being built in Minecraft, and with new spatial games arriving on the Apple Vision Pro. Lastly, AI joins the forefront of the cultural conversation by being featured in multiple Super Bowl conversations. Tune in next week to find out about the biggest news from the metaverse!


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