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Metaburst February 6th

Updated: Feb 15

It’s been a groundbreaking week in the metaverse: From the Super Bowl tackling Roblox, to an EA Sports metaverse in the works. Lastly, Roblox sees its first TV adaptation! Let’s dive in:

Super Bowl Makes a Touchdown in Roblox

The Big Game may be happening on TV this Sunday, but it will also be in the metaverse! The NFL is launching Super Bowl events in collaboration with multiple games on Roblox like SpongeBob Simulator, TMNT Battle Tycoon and Easy Obby. They will have football themed challenges to celebrate and bring awareness of the Super Bowl to the younger generation. This expands upon the work they did last year - a massively successful Super Bowl concert hosted by Saweetie on Roblox. Along with the game events mentioned above, the NFL will livestream a SpongeBob themed Super Bowl on Nickelodeon.

EA Sports Metaverse in the Works

Speaking of sports, it’s possible there will be an EA Sports metaverse in our near future.

CEO, Andrew Wilson, was asked in an earnings call if they would consider merging all their properties into one metaverse. He said to “watch this space” voicing support for a potential hub to bring their over 700 million players together. This could be years away from becoming a reality but EA fans are psyched!

Roblox Game to be Adapted to TV Show

The metaverse is crossing platforms again with the first TV show based on a Roblox game!

The popular RPG, Momoguro, developed by Baobab Studios is being adapted to an animated children's series described as “Pokemon meets Voltron.” This marks an exciting step for IP made within Roblox coming to TV, movies and beyond.

Those are the biggest stories of the week, all of which involve crossing platforms - whether from virtual to television, or console to metaversal. It’s clear that spaces like Roblox are filled with multi-medial potential, generating IP that can be adapted into other formats. From the Super Bowl making synergistic gaming events to a game within Roblox becoming adapted to television. On the gaming side, EA Sports has dominated console gaming, but there is clearly interest in bringing it to the metaverse as well. Come back next week to hear about more developments like this!


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