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Metaburst January 16th

There was a lot of exciting news out of CES last weekend, let’s go over some of the biggest developments in the metaverse! From a new musical VR platform, to Tripadvisor’s virtual tourist destinations and last but not least, Sony’s new mixed reality headset. Let’s go over the details:

Soundscape to Release New Music Platform

Soundscape debuted a VR music platform allowing fans to experience performances from their favorite artists and DJs like Deadmau5, Slash and Evanescence. With worlds built using Unreal Engine 5, users will feel like they are attending a virtual music festival. They’ll be able to explore, interact, and dance using their own avatar. Soundscape will be available on Steam for VR and PC on January 23rd so be sure to try it out for yourself!

Tripadvisor Taking On Virtual Tourism

Tripadvisor is one of the latest companies entering the metaverse, with plans to release their own experience later this year. Booking a trip to an unknown destination can be stressful, but what if you could “try-before-you-buy”? In partnership with developer MeetKai, they will build virtual replicas of popular destinations across the world like Paris, Dubai, New York City, Chicago, and the Bahamas. The hope is to democratize travel for everyone allowing people to experience international attractions like the Eiffel Tower first in the metaverse. The project should launch later this year.

Sony Announces First Mixed-Reality Headset

Sony debuted a new standalone mixed-reality headset to rival the Apple Vision Pro. Like the latter, Sony’s focus is geared toward content creators and professionals. The headset features micro-OLED displays, 4K resolution per eye and a convenient flip-top design. The gadget won’t be available until later this year and so far there’s no word on the price. Here’s hoping they can beat Apple’s astronomic $3499 price point!

Based on these developments at CES, we’ve noticed several trends: It looks like music is increasingly being used as a way to attract people to the metaverse, from Fortnite Festival to Soundscape. Travel and hospitality-based companies like Tripadvisor and Marriott Bonvoy are dipping their toes into the metaverse by creating virtual twins of real-world locations. Lastly, Sony and Apple are designing gadgets to help build in the 3D internet, encouraging more innovation in the space. Come back next week for more news from the metaverse!


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