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Metaburst January 30th

The metaverse consistently demonstrates that it’s a place for reaching milestones, and this week was no different. From The Littlest Pet Shop joining Roblox with great success, to Epic games making a triumphant return to iOS. Last but not least, we check in with Fortnite’s rapidly growing creator community. Let’s get into it:

The Littlest Pet Shop in Roblox

Pet games tend to do very well on Roblox, like Pet Simulator and Adopt Me. Now a new game is joining the fray. Ahead of popular toy brand Littlest Pet Shop’s relaunch, they built an experience of the same name in Roblox. In just a month, the game has had over 2 million unique visits and a 91% approval rating. This success has translated to sold out pre-sales of their physical Generation 7 toy line. Players seem to love collecting their bobble headed animal pals so be sure to try it out now!

Epic Games Coming Back to iOS

Epic Games has announced plans to relaunch their store in iOS, which means Fortnite will become available on the iPhone! Until now, Apple’s strict rules have made it difficult for third parties to sell their games on the App store. For over three years, Epic Games was banned by Apple for sneaking third-party in-app payments which was against their rules.

All of this is changing due to the Digital Markets Act put into effect by the European Union. This piece of legislation should limit top tech companies like Apple and Meta from having a monopoly on social media platforms and app stores. While this change is only occurring in the E.U. for now, we could see this happening stateside as companies like Epic battle Apple for the right to sell on their devices.

Fortnite Creative Sees Massive Growth with UEFN

Continuing with Fortnite news, it’s been less than a year since Fortnite launched UEFN - its updated tools for Fortnite Creative Islands. The amount of growth since then has been massive. In just 7 months, Fortnite went from having around 2000 creators to over 17,000. On average 400-500 maps are being built every single day. Of these maps, the most popular are combat based; so brands who are planning on building islands in the game should take that into consideration.

Overall, the introduction of UEFN has encouraged major engagement from creators, but are there enough players to support the ecosystem?

Those are the highlights of this week in the metaverse: Roblox continues to be a great place for toy brands and animal based content. Epic Games’ reach will only grow more as its app store becomes available to iPhone users in the E.U. And finally, Fortnite’s creator base expanded exponentially since the launch of UEFN. If that growth was from just seven months, imagine the growth we’ll see by the end of the year! Make sure to keep checking in so we can share these exciting updates with you every week.


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