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Metaburst November 14, 2023

Another week, another round of inspiring stories from the metaverse! The creator ecosystem continues to show growth from celebrating creators in the Roblox Innovation Awards, to a new game publisher in Death Row Games. Meanwhile Minecraft taps into the Force with its new Star Wars based DLC, expanding the library of IP collaborations in the beloved blocky platform.

Roblox Innovation Awards

The Roblox Innovation Award winners have been announced! Previously named the Bloxy Awards, the event celebrates the game's most influential creators, developers, and experiences. The awards were originally planned for RDC in September but unfortunately had to be rescheduled due to security concerns. Luckily they were able to broadcast it and highlight the amazing creators in the Roblox community. Watch the live show on YouTube or within Roblox itself for some fun surprises.

Death Row Games Launches

Snoop Dogg and son Cordell Broadus have announced their newest venture, Death Row Games! After acquiring the massively successful record label Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg wants to branch out to game development. With a focus on Fortnite, the father-son pair aim to elevate minority creators to develop and publish games. Broadus and his father are big fans of Fortnite so are uniquely poised to make waves in the space.

Minecraft Gets More Star Wars

The Minecraft universe expands yet again with its second Star Wars DLC. This new story-driven experience brings the galaxy far, far away a little closer... and blockier. Players can build their own lightsaber, droid, and reputation as a Jedi Knight across familiar Star Wars locations. MinecraftStar Wars: Path of the Jedi features characters from the prequel trilogy like Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you too want to train as a Jedi, check out the game on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition now!

This week’s stories all wouldn’t be possible without the community of creators in the metaverse. The Roblox Innovation Awards is specifically designed to commemorate the hard work of their creators. Death Row Games will be a publisher that amplifies and invests in minority creators to make the metaverse more diverse. And Minecraft Star Wars is an example of the heights that original creativity can take starting from the mind of director George Lucas to now numerous gaming titles based on the film franchise. It’s inspiring to see what can be done in the metaverse, stay tuned next week for more!


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