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Metaburst November 21, 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The metaverse, like the physical universe, is ever expanding. Each week, it’s inspiring to see the ways different platforms contribute to its growth. This time, Roblox eyes more brand partnerships, Dove brings representation to gaming, and Alan Walker releases an album you can visit in Fortnite! Let’s dive in:

Roblox Eyes More Brand Partnerships

In a recent Fortune interview with Roblox CEO and cofounder Dave Baszucki, he targets retail partnerships as a key to profitability. At the moment, the fastest growing age demographic is 17-24, so he wants to build out a more robust virtual marketplace for them. Virtual shops with brands including Gucci and Ralph Lauren already sell items for a hefty sum. Baszucki anticipates the platform may host a range of additional partnerships including automotives and electronics. With a base of 70 million daily users, Roblox aims to reach one billion and perhaps efforts like these will encourage that.

Dove’s New “Code My Crown” Initiative

New research conducted by Dove found that video games historically don’t provide enough avatar choices for Black gamers. This has made the gaming world feel less inclusive to them, a whopping 85% according to the survey. So the Unilever-owned brand has teamed up with Open Source Afro Hair Library to launch "Code My Crown." Together, they created 15 different 3D models of Black hair textures and styles, all of which are free and open for anyone to access. This initiative should encourage coding more varied afro-textured hair within games at large.

Fortnite Makes Alan Walker World

Norwegian music sensation Alan Walker just released his new album WalkerWorld. Taking it a step further, he also announced a forthcoming Fortnite amusement park aptly named after the album. This ambitious project is a continually evolving album where fans can expect new tracks monthly to score an ever-changing virtual world. Be sure to check it out yourself on December 12th!

These are the top stories from the metaverse this week, each an example of the unique ways brands can interact with the 3D internet. From Roblox making strides towards a robust virtual marketplace, to Dove creating a library of hairstyles for Black gamers to feel more included. Lastly, a musician like Alan Walker taking advantage of platforms like Fortnite to immerse his fans deeper into his music. There are so many things you can do in the metaverse, come back next week for more stories!


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