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Metaburst November 7th, 2023

The world of the immersive web is exciting because it offers multiple avenues for art, film, sports, and games to connect to people. This week on Metaburst, we’ll explore the innovative integrations connected to movies! From Trolls Band Together in Roblox, to Sony’s Thanksgiving horror movie, to Minecraft crowdsourcing player videos. Let’s dive in:

Make Your Own Trolls Music Video

To celebrate the upcoming movie Trolls Band Together, Roblox fans can create their own music video in the popular game Rec It! There players can film themselves making TikTok style videos to share on social media. The developers built a stage featuring the beloved Trolls characters for players to pose and film their dances. Participants are eligible to win free limited UGC items like exclusive music, emotes, and avatars from the film.

Survive Thanksgiving in the Metaverse

Halloween’s not over yet! To continue getting your horror fix, visit Survive Thanksgiving. Sony built its first metaverse experience to promote their new movie Thanksgiving. Playable on your web browser and VR headsets, the game transports you to the eerie town of Plymouth, Massachusetts where you must escape the town killer, John Carver. Featuring multiple locations to explore, there’s also an ecommerce component where players can buy exclusive merchandise.

Minecraft Celebrates Everyone’s Story

For a different approach, Minecraft released a crowdsourced video to celebrate its 141 million active players. In August, the company posted a prompt asking players to send their creative responses in video form using the hashtag #MinecraftYourStory. After collecting responses, a two minute cut was released showing the diversity in submissions. You can watch the moving collage here:

Looking back at these stories, it’s inspiring to see how the medium of film can be integrated into the metaverse. Whether it’s by asking players to make a music video celebrating your film like in Trolls Band Together, or by creating a simulated version of your horror movie in Surviving Thanksgiving. Or lastly, by trusting your player community to create unique content like Minecraft. There are so many ways to take the 2D medium like film and make it immersive. Check back in next week to see what new media the metaverse tackles next!


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